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SPECIAL NOTICE TO ALL:   Never take a medication without first consulting and getting permission from your MD. Medicina Mexico knows that keeping your customers happy, secure and safe is more important than making money and will always result in repeat customers.

By checking your online account, you will see your current and prior orders including your Order Number and any and all payments received. Because our staff is so busy processing orders from all over the world each day, we were forced to make some tough decisions. We are no longer taking phone calls or adding shipping information into the web servers. We do answer all emails within 2 hours and that will never stop.

All order are shipped within 48 hours of receipt of funds unless we are out of stock on a medicine. We are now informing our customers of orders that are out of stock by email. Please do not send us an email asking if your order has shipped as we are too busy packaging orders, and this takes away from our time to ship orders. The only exception is Overnight delivery.

Please NOTE: Funds received without an order number are placed into our SUSPENSE ACCOUNT until we are able to determine the correct owner and order number. To avoid this, please always send an email to:  along with your order number and the fact that you made a payment.

The UNITED STATES and some other countries require a prescription on all medications sold from Mexico. They further require documentation in English and an invoice of all medicines sold for customs.  For these countries, Medicina Mexico is now delivering your medicines to Dr. Isaac Reyes, MD (Ced. Federal 644884) (Ced. Estatal 1537-02/05) along with the required documentation including documentation on each medication sold in English is from Wolters Kluwer.   Dr. Reyes upon receipt of your medication will issue a prescription and provide for shipping pursuant to your order.  If for any reason, Dr. Reyes fails to issue a prescription for a specific medication, then you will receive a refund or credit.

Medicina Mexico receives over 80,000 new emails daily. Please never send an email to more to one of our email addresses and please wait for our response. When sending in an email, please include your full name, order number and how we can help you.

Licensed pharmacies in Mexico are only allowed to sell medications, either brands or generics, from an approved pharmaceutical which has passed testing and has subsequently been authorized by the Mexican Government.

If you look on the left-hand side of any of our web pages at (About US) you will see our licenses, permits and our Regulatory Body.

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: Our email address is: or

Please never send the same email to both of our email addresses. We do not have the time to read repeative emails. Each day we receive over 80,000 new emails.

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Shipping, Policies & Terms

We try and ship all orders within 48 hours after payment is made. Sometimes we are out of a specific medicine and this can cause delays.    

If there are any problems with your order, we will contact you via email, so please ensure your email address and your telephone number are correct at all times. Further, please make sure your spam filtering software is set to accept our email addresses at or


WORLDWIDE SHIPPING: Medicina Mexico ships over 4 million packages a day worldwide to more than 143 countries.

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: Medicina Mexico is in no way, form or shape, responsible for incorrect addresses on your online profile at Medicina Mexico. Our employees are unable to change your address. It is YOUR duty at all times to maintain current information in your online profile at Medicina Mexico. No credit will be issued for any package that is not delivered due to a mistake in your online address. Only you can enter in this information.

Please log into your account and make sure your online address and telephone numbers are current and correct.

All of our packages are in plain envelopes to protect your privacy.

We are unable to tell your post office where to deliver your package onto your property such as the back of the house or any other location.

Medicina Mexico shipping costs always includes customs fees and handling fees.

If you have two order, or if another person is ordering their medicine from the same address at the exact same time, then you will only be charged for one delivery. That delivery charge will be determined based upon the total weight. If the items are less than 10 then it will be one charge for Mex Post. If the total items exceed 10 then you will be charged at Express Shipping. This is only valid for packages going to either the United States or Canada.

For international orders the weight will determine the cost of shipping for all items over 15 ounces.

Postal rates change all the time and they never go down in price. Governments are always increasing their fees. Postal rates are always priced based upon weight. The more weight the more expensive the cost is.

MEX POST: We offer Mex Post Shipping as an option. Typical delivery time to the United States is normally 5-7 days and 11-18 days Internationally.

For purchases of more than 12 medications, your order will automatically be changed from Mex Post to either Overweight Shipping or Express Shipping.

EXPRESS SHIPPING: Medicina Mexico offers a special service called EXPRESS SHIPPING. This service is only for shipments made to the United States or Canada. Our definition of Express Shipping is not the same definition of Express Shipping offered by the United States Postal Service. Customers that purchase Express Shipping get their orders filled first. Mex Post orders are filled after Express orders are shipped.

Medicina Mexico will check the USPS rates, weights and delivery time to determine if your package should ship US Express or Regular Postage.

International Express Shipping: Medicina Mexico gives priorty to all International Express Orders as they are shipped before any Mex Post orders. In most cases International Express is good for 1 pound of medicine. There are exceptions for some countries based upon their postage rates.

Fast Delivery: Medicina Mexico also offers a fast delivery within 2 to 5 days through Federal Express and DHL depending on which counry the package is being shipped to. If you want this service pay for EXPRESS SHIPPING and let us know you want FAST Delivery. We will contact you via email for the current price which is set by the carrier. For more information, please send an email to: for the specific charge to your location.

Overnight Delivery: Medicina Mexico has a overnight delivery depending on where you reside. This service is only offered at certain locations. The fees for this service start at $350.00 depending on the air carrier and local delivery charges. For more information, please write to: for specific charges.

If you ordered Mex Post and after 30 days your order has not arrived, then please send a email to: so we may assist you in locating your package.

Our Policies, Terms, Order Cancellations and Refunds

Medicina Mexico does not issue Refunds due to our Mexican Government (SAT) Hacienda Rules and Regulations on foreign payments without a Factura and an RFC also known as Registro Federal de Contribuyentes. Because of this rule we are forced to issue Credits on Account which can be used at any time.

Any order not shipped can be cancelled by the Customer and the Customer will receive a full credit for the amount paid.

Once an order has been shipped there is no way to cancel the order once it leaves Mexican Customs.

All license pharmacies are required to purchase medicines directly or through distributors that have been approved and license by our government. The problem here in Mexico is none of the Pharmaceutical labs ever take the time to inform the pharmacies when they stop production on a specific medication. The way Medicina Mexico learns that a medicine has been discontinued is when we purchase it and it does not arrive and we complain.

If a customer's medicine has for any reason been discontinued, then that customer will receive a full credit for the amount paid and the order will be closed. If another medicine is available then the customer will be notified by either phone or email consequently, the customer will have the choice to either accept the alternative medicine or receive a full credit that can be used at any time.

If the customer has double paid or for any other reason the customer is entitled to a refund, then Medicina Mexico will issue the customer a credit on account for the full amount paid that can be used at any time.

On an average day we have we have more than 600 trucks full of medicine arriving for and unloading medicine so it can be placed into inventory. Each order is automatically checked against missing inventory at least 3 times per day.

When a customer medicine that is out of stock arrives, it is immediately shipped to that customer. Medicina Mexico is never responsible for the fact that a medicine is out of stock. What out of stock means is the medicine is currently in production and we do not have it in our inventory. Some medicines are never in our inventory such as biologicals other than insulin and rare medications where the sales do not justify keeping that medication in our inventory.

Our inventory changes by the second due to the large amount of orders that are filled each day. All orders are processed in the order that they are paid for. When our computers see that we are out of stock on a specific medicine then new orders are automatically placed with the labs and our distributors.

Medicina Mexico's in-house Medical Doctors issue prescriptions on all medicines that we sell to any person not residing in Mexico. These prescriptions remain in the custody of Medicina Mexico per our laws. If you or your government require a copy of your prescription, then please send a email to: so we can email you a copy of your prescription.

The Mexican Government Department of Health will not allow us to accept returns of any medicines due to the possibility of tampering with medications. This is for everyone's protection.

Medicina Mexico is not responsible for lost shipments or delays in shipments due to third party carriers or government custom's agencies which are outside of our control.

Medicina Mexico is never responsible for delays resulting in "out of stock" medicines as that is out of our control. If your medicine is out of stock; then our AI Computers will fill your order first when that medicine become available again.

Medicina Mexico is not responsible for problems related to temperature control of any medicine shipped as this is outside of our control.

Medicina Mexico is never responsible for a medicine that is discontinued by a pharmaceutical as that is out of our control.

We do provide Cold Packs for special medications including but not limited to insulin.

All orders are shipped within 48 hours unless a medicine is on back order. Tracking Numbers are only given out once an order is late more than 30 days and the only exceptions are emergency medications shipped overnight. If we took the time to give out tracking numbers, we would never ship anything on time.

Never under any condition's self-medicate without the permission of your MD

Only licensed Medical Doctors in Mexico can give medical advice. Our pharmacy employees are not Medical Doctors and we are prohibited by law to answer any questions about a specific medication, such as when to take a medication or the correct dosage.

Medicina Mexico is NEVER responsible under any conditions for any medicine that you purchase or take. Never take a medication without first getting permission from your own MD.

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